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Access Free Afrikaans Music Downloads

Free Afrikaans music downloads can be done online in South Africa. Now we are in the year 2022 tracks and albums can be downloaded at little or no cost and played on most devices. So you can listen to your favorite Afrikaans singers and bands without spending any extra money. Download free Afrikaans music to listen on: Apple iPhone Apple … [Read More...]

Download Afrikaans Music & Songs

Download Afrikaans music and songs by popular Afrikaans singers at the click of a button. When you use free and legal downloading facilities. Afrikaanse musiek downloads are trendy and popular amongst both young and older people in South Africa today. Download Afrikaans music to play on: Your home PC iPod Android phone Laptop Apple … [Read More...]

Afrikaans Rock Bands in South Africa

Afrikaans rock bands with the rock music videos available online are iconic. Some of the top rock bands in South Africa also have incredible music videos that are worth watching many times over. There are both old and new South African rock bands with songs to suit most music lovers tastes. Rock music in South Africa includes: Old fashioned rock … [Read More...]

Oppikoppi Festival in South Africa

Oppikoppi Festival, an electrifying South African based music festival, quite literally translates the backdrop ‘on the hill’. Situated in South Africa’s Limpopo Province, the small mining Town of Northam holds an anything-but-small event. In the second weekend of August each year! Several stages, some 20000 visitors and over 100 acts adorn the … [Read More...]

Afrikaans Blues Music

It has been said that the music genre known as ‘Blues’ originated ‘from the souls of slaves’. And in order for one to truly understand Afrikaans blues music... You need to time travel. By means of research back to the days of African-American slavery. Roll on research and musical advancement. Plus a deep appreciation for this music type and we get … [Read More...]

3 Favourite Online Afrikaans Radio Stations

Afrikaans radio stations online are a good means for those living and travelling outside of their home countries. To not only keep up to date with the many fun and interesting local happenings back home. But also to enjoy the music close to their hearts, brought to them by the dj’s they have grown up listening to. Afrikaans is a language native … [Read More...]

Online Radio Streaming Stations

Online streaming radio stations are available in South Africa. All you need is an Internet connection and you can listen. Listen on a mobile phone, tablet or laptop device when you are away from home. Many prefer to listen to the radio online. Because it saves you a lot of time and money as you don’t have to invest in a radio device. All you … [Read More...]

5 Popular Steve Hofmeyr Hit Songs

Steve Hofmeyr is a South African singer, songwriter and actor. Who has been in the business of both music and acting since the year 1989 up until today. Steve Hofmeyr Hits Include: Know Me Don't Forget to Remember Pampoen Laaste Dag Juliet The list of Steve Hofmeyr hits continues but these are the 5 we look at below. Because of his … [Read More...]

Valiant Swart South African Musician

Valiant Swart, real name Pierre Nolte. Born in Wellington, South Africa on November 25 1965. And now lives in Stellenbosch. Although he is famous for his singing and song writing, he is in actual fact a poet. Who offers his writings in the form of music. He has over the years written and sung songs in both English and Afrikaans. But it is in … [Read More...]